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Since March 1, 2019, Swiss Digital Services Ltd offers you its services under a new identity: VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence.

Discover our services on our website: www.vici-intelligence.ch


Cyber Intelligence service

Our DATA PREDICTOR software listens and probes the internet. It is able to forecast the results of tens of millions of companies, to analyze your stakeholders and your environment by collecting masses of online data. Would you like to know who your future customers are? Discover your future distribution network? Know which products your consumers will buy tomorrow, or even obtain information about your competitors? Stay one step ahead of your competitors thanks to our cyber intelligence service!


Cyber Counterintelligence service

New information and communication technology (social networks, smartphones, etc.) provide an individual with the ability to spread fake news very quickly and on a very large scale. A dishonest customer, an ex-associate or a former employee, or even an unscrupulous competitor could easily damage your reputation. How can you guard against the risks to your reputation? How can you defend your integrity and your interests? Protect your reputation now thanks to our Cyber Counterintelligence service!


Cyber Strategy services

Digitalisation has made the internet the primary place for commercial exchanges in the world. In 1980, companies were fighting for the best spot in the town centre. Today, however, they are fighting to have the highest profile and the best possible listing (SEO search engine optimizers online). They use artificial intelligence algorithms to determine what the internet user will see and what they won’t. What is your company’s position on the internet? What resources do you devote to this sales force to influence social networks? How to you calculate the effectiveness of your listing- SEO? Become the primary influencer of your market through our e-service strategy!

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