Dear Client,

Since March 1, 2019, Swiss Digital Services Ltd offers you its services under a new identity: VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence.

Discover our services on our website: www.vici-intelligence.ch

Cyber Intelligence service

Swiss Digital Services has created artificial intelligence inquiry’s software, known as DATA PREDICTOR in order to anticipate market changes, to direct your investments and development, to target promising sectors of activity and to identify your new customers.

Anticipate tomorrow for being able to decide today!

Data Predictor collects and analyses the hundreds of millions of pieces of data that are on the internet, which themselves have come from tens of millions of companies. Our software delivers not only detailed inquiries, including contact details, for your future customers and partners, but also the evolution of turnover and human resources in time and space.
DATA PREDICTOR probes and listens to the web in order to offer you prospective and geopolitical intelligence about the situation and evolution of your environment.