Dear Client,

Since March 1, 2019, Swiss Digital Services Ltd offers you its services under a new identity: VICI Swiss Competitive Intelligence.

Discover our services on our website: www.vici-intelligence.ch


Artificial Intelligence and Big Data offer previously unseen opportunities. Nevertheless, this area of freedom has become so big and constantly changing that it has become difficult to develop an effective and coherent cyber strategy for it.

Swiss Digital Services entrust your online cyber strategy development to data scientists and campaign managers who will suggest developing a website that is capable of examining your market in order to align your customer relations and to develop an individual approach and bespoke solutions for each of them.

Swiss Digital Services’ scientists and specialists will turn your website into an artificial intelligence tool, which is capable of capturing, treating and developing your customer data in a dynamic and intelligent way. As a true machine learning; your site becomes the heart of your digital cyber strategy.

By Swiss Digital Services, we turn your strategic tools into a place where your creativity can achieve its full potential. Try and push the boundaries of possibilities by imagining new spaces, new approaches and by entrusting the development of your vision and your creativity to our scientists and specialists.